Auto Rickshaw Permit Application Mumbai Apply Online 2014

How to Apply Auto Rickshaw Application Online Mumbai 2016

New Auto rickshaw Permit Application Online Mumbai – Maharashtra state government on Friday revived 30 per cent of the expired autorickshaw permits, which will result in the addition of 32,391 autos to the existing fleet of 2.47 lakh autos in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane) from March 1.

Check for Application for New Taxi Permit in Mumbai 2016:

The bidding for the permits will be online to keep the touts away, and opens at 11 am on Monday 27th Jan, till 6 pm on February 20. Those aged 20 and above, residing in the state for 15 years without a break, at least Std X pass, and having basic knowledge of Marathi are eligible to apply.

Lottery for Auto Rickshaw permit will be Announce on 26th February

Application for Rickshaw PermitClick Here


Terms & Condition:

    • Applicant should possess valid Transport category auto rickshaw driving licence and
      public service vehicle authorization (badge) for auto rickshaw on the date of submission
      of application
    • Applicant shall have knowledge of local language (Marathi) and local topography
    • Applicant should have stayed in Maharashtra State for at least 15 years continuously.

  • Successful applicant shall have to produce certificate from Police Department (Police
    Station where he/she is staying) stating that no cognizable offence is registered
    against him/her during the last one year.
  • Successful applicant shall have to produce self-declaration stating that he/she
    is not in the service of Government/Semi Government/Private Company or any other
    organisation/firm (organized sector).
  • Successful applicant shall produce self-declaration stating that he/she is not holding
    another auto rickshaw/taxi permit in his/her name.
  • In Mumbai, auto rickshaw to be endorsed on permit shall use either CNG or LPG as
  • In the jurisdiction of offices where CNG/LPG filling stations are available, the
    auto rickshaw to be endorsed on permit shall use the same (CNG/LPG) fuel and in other regions
    it shall be on petrol fuel.
  • Fitment of digital electronic fare meter of approved type is mandatory.
  • In Municipal Corporation areas, the vehicle to be endorsed on the permit shall be
    a new auto rickshaw and in the areas other than Municipal Corporation, the vehicle
    to be endorsed on permit can be an auto rickshaw up to the age of five years from
    the date of registration.
  • In future if Government/ Transport Commissioner/Concerned Authority decides to make
    it mandatory the use of GPS/GPRS, RFID Tag, etc. in auto rickshaw, the permit holder,shall have to install it on his own
  • If an applicant submits more than one application, all his applications shall be treated as cancelled and the applicant will not be eligible for selection
    process or the lottery draw. Additionally he/she will be liable for action under
    law for giving false declaration.
  • If the applicant is having PAN Card / or is having or has applied for Aadhar Card, it
    is mandatory for him/her to enter the numbers of the same in the application form.
  • In the case applicant claims to be an ex-serviceman, he should be eligible to get
    benefit of being ex-serviceman as decided by the Government from time to time.
  • The applicant shall pay Rs.100 as processing fee. If the applicant pay the
    fee through CSC (e-Seva Kendra) then applicant will pay Rs.120 (Inclusive of all taxes).
  • Lottery winners/selected applicants will be intimated by post only. Therefore filling of full and correct postal address along-with PIN code is necessary. Please also provide correct email/mobile number because alerts etc will be sent by SMS/email.
  • In case of applicants who have secured their transport category auto rickshaw driving
    licence and auto rickshaw badge from RTO Mumbai (Central) i.e. MH01, he/she can
    apply either from RTO Mumbai (East) or RTO Mumbai (West) as per his/her choice.
  • The Applicant should apply for permit only from the RTO/Dy RTO Office from where
    he/she has secured his/her badge. (Except those from RTO Mumbai (Central) who can
    apply either from RTO Mumbai (East) or RTO Mumbai (West).
  • The applicant must be 10th standard pass. If enough applications of 10th pass candidates are not received, the applicant who are 8th standard pass, would be considered.


Check Result of Eligible Candidates for Auto Permit Lottery – Click here

Rickshaw Permit Online Mumbai



Last date of submission of application – 15/02/2014 till 6 PM

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      Last date of e-payment of Application Processing Fees – 17/02/2014 till 2 PM


      Help Line No: 022 61316400 Help desk support


    email : [email protected]

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    1. Tejas Prabhakar Misal

      which documents is required for auto rikshaw permit and processing fees.

    2. which documents is required for auto rikshaw permit and processing fees.

    3. which documents is required for auto rikshaw permit and processing fees

    4. Dadasaheb D. randive

      I don`t have Rickshaw badge & driving lincence,but I will make it early as possible. Is am I eligible for Rickshaw permit ?

    5. nitin meghji rathod

      since i have born in mumbai but i do not have job please do the the needful and oblige.
      which documents is required for auto rikshaw permit and processing fees. and licence and Batch and i dont about the auto rickshaw so please help.

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    8. permit is getting an experienced candidate or fresh. means old badge holder or new?

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