Buy India vs West Indies Sachin’s 199th Test Ticket Eden Garden, Book Ticket Online | 1st test ticket sale

Buy Tickets at Eden Garden Sachin’s 199th Test Match between India v West Indies November 6-10th

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Tuesday has announced that Sachin Tendulkar’s 199th Test will be held at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata from November 06 to 14. Watch Ind v Aus 6th ODI Live NOw

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Kolkata: The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) will be seeking permission of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) so that they can have a photograph of Sachin Tendulkar on match ticket that will be printed on the occasion of penultimate Test of the legendary batsmans illustrious career.

Watch India Vs West Indies 1st Test match live streaming 6-10th Nov

“Normally, we don’t have the practise of printing any particular cricketer’s photograph in a match ticket. But this is a special and emotional occasion as well. Therefore we would like to seek BCCI’s permission if we can use any action photograph of Tendulkar at the Eden Gardens. Once we get the permission, we will issue print order,” Dey told PTI on Thursday.

“It will be like a collector’s item for all those who get hold of one ticket. It gives you a feeling of “I was there on that day”. We are waiting for confirmation of what will be scheduled start, 9:15 am or 9:30 am as sun sets quickly in the eastern part. Once broadcasters confirm that, we would put tickets up for sale,” Dey informed.


The sale of the tickets at Eden Gardens have not been started yet – Check back soon or leave you contact so that will get in touch with you ASAP

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    1. I want to purchase the ticket of both test matches

      • Check the post now I have update the link from where you can buy eden garden test match ticket online 6-10 NOV

      • India Vs West Indies 1st Test Match….
        06-10th NOV, 2013 @Eden Gardens, Kolkata – Season Tickets Online Quota Sold Out. We don’t know when tickets go for online. Cricket Association of Bengal and Ticketgenie India are become foolish to general public. Only few ticket are go for online after that no one know when the ticket is sold.. Even you search in there is no page display. The Sold Out banner is published previously…..

      • Akash Bhattacharjee

        I want match day 5 tickets.If anyone has pls contact me:9051323345

    2. When and where will I can book my tickets?? Please help me.

    3. please let me know that when the tickets for the eden test will be available where sachin will be playing his 199th test….please reply ASAP

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    8. Where and when can I buy tickets for the Ind vs West indies Test match at Eden Gardens ?

    9. Hi there,

      Please notify me once tickets are available to purchase.

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    11. Subhabrata Baidya

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      …….. sales start at midnight any day this week

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    34. Kindly let me know the website, date and timing when tickets for 1st Test between India and West Indies at Eden will be available for online purchase. A die hard fan of the Cricketing God, would no way like to miss the opportunity to see him batting for last time here.

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      • I want to give 3 Season Tickets(5*3=15)forIndia Vs West Indies Test Match at Eden Gardens from 6thNov – 10th Nov.
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    72. this is just bullshit….tickets have been sold out…CAB is so damn worthless…they said they will notify first then sell tickets online…this is fucking bullshit….

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      • I have 3 season tickets(5*3=15)for (6th Nov- 10th Nov) of India Vs West Indies Test Match at Eden Gardens.Contact 9903021758

    80. plz tell me that from when online ticket for india vs west indies test match ticket will be sold.And one thing more will ticket be sold through counter during match for all 5 days.

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