How to Buy 2nd Test Match Ticket at Wankhede Btw Ind vs WI 14-18th Nov Sachin Tendulkars last match

Buy Tickets at Wankheda Sahin’s 200th & last Test Match between India v West Indies November 14-18th

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Tuesday has announced that Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th and final Test will be held at the Wankhede Stadium here from November 14 to 18.

India Vs West Indies Schedule with venues October 28 – West Indies team arrives in India October 31-November 2 – Three-day game – West Indies v UPCA in Cuttack 1st Test: Eden Gardens, Kolkata, November 6-10 2nd Test: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, November 14-18 1st ODI: Kochi, November 21 2nd ODI: Visakhapatnam, November 24 3rd ODI: Baroda/Kanpur, November 27

buy wankhede ticket

Tendulkar had requested that the 200th Test match should be given to Mumbai, so that his mother could also watch the match. The BCCI president and BCCI thought about it and accepted it. Keeping that sentiment in mind, it has been allocated to Wankhede stadium in Mumbai (scheduled from November 14-18).

Ticket for 2nd test Sale has not yet start. Keep Visiting for the latest update.

Sachin’s last match ticket sale will begin soon!!
As per the latest update by Wankhede ground official – The sale of tickets for 2nd test match against West Indies will begin on 1st week of November 2013 You can either buy from wankhede ground or online from

Price of the tickets at Mumbai Wankhede stadium for 200th Match is as below:

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Lower tier of the popular East Stand, named after Sunil Gavaskar, would cost the public Rs 500 for five days while the upper tier Rs 1,000.

The member clubs can purchase tickets for the north stand at Rs 1,000 apiece while the public will have to shell out Rs 2,500.

Btw, Sachin Tendulkar has requested the MCA for 500 tickets to his 200th and final Test against West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium next month.

The sale of tickets for Tendulkar’s 200th Test from November 14-18th will be sold online only at The MCA will not have box office ticket sale considering the huge demands for the tickets which is similar to 2011 World cup Final. The online agency for the for the ticket sale has been decided it will be Please check back for details. Daily Blog will update shortly.

Finally the online sale of 2nd test match wankhede tickets will start today 11th November at from 11.00am onwards. Only 2 tickets per person can be booked online MCA said. The redemption and ticket pickup counters would be open at adjacent Hockey Ground counter. Mumbai hockey counter would be open from 8am to 3pm. The general public can purchase any of the three category of tickets — Rs. 500, Rs.1000 and Rs.2500 GOOD LUCK! !! Tickets have been SOLD OUT at website

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  1. please notify me when the ticket selling for test starts

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    Thank You.

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  16. Hi,

    Plz Plz Plz share the dates of the ticket sale as soon as you know.


  17. plz let me know the announcing date of tickets in online.
    we want to see the god of cricket playing for the last time for the international match………..
    plz do the needful and help us …..

    waiting for ur reply !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wanted to see God playing Live
    in front of me…

  21. HELLO..

    Please notify me once the tickets are available for mumbai test starts from 14th november…thank you

  22. Narayan Dutt Mishra

    I Want to watch Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar playing his last two matches. Please inform me about how online tickets will available for these special two matches.

  23. please please inform mi tickets are selling start… its last match for watching sachin sir….

  24. I live in the UK
    please I need 2 pavilion tickets

  25. Please mail me the when the tickets will be available for online booking for the india vs west indies test match at kolkatta and mumbai,which begins on 6th of November 2013; also the website through which the booking can be done online mode

  26. Pls inform me as soon as tickets available online for 2nd test which to be held on 14th November at Wankhede Stadium between India n Windies

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  36. I have prepared for this sachins 200th tst match like hell,i have made special T-shirts n shirts…..special flags,photo frames……etc……….i wnt the tickets at any rate.

  37. Dear admin,
    Please do let me know when the ticket sale starts for the Mumbai test, either by mail personally or in this blog..You would be in my heart for the time that the “GOD” will be..

  38. Dear admin,
    Kindly let me know in advance when the ticket sale starts for the Mumbai test, either personally by mail or in this blog..I would cherish you forever with the same feeling that I have for the “Little Master”..

  39. Pls sent me one ticket of gavaskar lower stand for five days or inform when ticket process will start

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  50. Hi Admin from England do you know what time tickets would go on sale? and what website?

  51. Required tickets for the 2nd test match
    Iam from chennai

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  55. Pls,mention dates when ticket is available to sell? Which will be the online site to buy tickets???any updates come,plz do let me know…

  56. If anybody wants to get the tickets or if any inquiry you can call me on this number 8743923746 .

  57. Any chance of getting two tickets since we also need to book air tickets between Atlanta and Mumbai. Any consideration for senior citizens.

    Kris Bhatia

  58. plzz inform me when booking opens for mumbai test

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  60. Can you please inform by mail once the tickets sell starts?

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  66. Desperately surfing the net to book tickets for the 2nd test match between INDIA vs WEST INDIES at MUMBAI from 14th to 18th Nov 2013.
    Please inform me asap the booking starts…..

  67. Kindly let me know when will the selling of tickets start

  68. Why is the ticket sale taking so long?

  69. I want sachins 200th test match ticket plz .im from Bangalore.

  70. Hi Admin..

    The tickets are still not out…

    Today is the 6th of november….only 7 days to go for the test match……

    Any updates on the tickets??
    guys please comment if you have any news…??

  71. the tickets are cmng online on 8th november @12.00……

  72. someone please reply…

    admin please reply…

  73. hi Sanket…

    Are you like super sure about it??

    Admin:Please reply….on your update and information in case you have any….??

  74. MCA has decided not to sell the tickets of 2nd test online. Tickets shall be available only through counter, most probably from 11th. Bullshit decision for those who were expecting online sale of tickets..

  75. The Date for the sale of the tickets is 11th Nov 2013

    The tickets will be sold only across the counter. MCA is planing to have it their ticket window at the Mumbai Hockey Association and Islam Gymkhana. It is going to start from 11th Nov morning. Not give more than 2 tickets to one person. And Bunches of tickets will only be given to big corporate.

  76. I want only two Tickets For the Last Match of Sachin Tendulkar Will be held on 14 November to 18 November.

  77. Booked Tickets from Sydney to Mumbai and will be there just for 4 days …..
    Any update when ticket will be available for sale….

  78. Please inform me when the tickets are available…

  79. guys wait n watch. wait fr official confirmation. evryday new thing is cming up in news. one day they say counter sales othr day online sales…

  80. I m having 32 ticket
    Call me if interested
    No neogiable
    3000 each season ticket NORTH stand and Sunil gavaskar stand

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  82. Not able to open site. Admin, any alternatives?
    Need 2 tickets desperately for Mumbai test match. Please help to get 2 tickets if you can.
    My nos are

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    Call me if interested

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  86. North stand tickets available@6500/-

    call@ 9167469792

  87. i have one ticket for sachin’s 200th test . if interested please call me on 9619507204

  88. I m having
    All the stand VIP:-35000
    Devectha stand:-25000
    Northstand:-15000 level 1
    Level 2 17000
    Sachin tendulkar level 1:-12000
    Sunil gavaskar:-8000
    Hurry few tickets remaining no negoiable

  89. I have to come from Chennai, will be there in Mumbai for Sat, Sun and Mon. Ready to pay 5k for 2 tickets. Please let me know if anyone can help me getting tickets.
    My nos are


  91. I have one ticket for the match..Drop a mail URGENTLY at if you are interested..

  92. i have two 5 day pass of Sachin Tendulkar stand lower level. msg/whatsapp on 9+9+4+5+5+8+4+3+8+5

  93. Last 4 day match tickets available… Sunil Gavaskar stand –
    Drop a mail URGENTLY at if you are interested.

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