Mhada Lottery Application Form 2014 Online for 2641 Houses Mumbai, Konkan

Mhada Lottery 2014 Mumbai & Konkan board’s advertisement for online lottery for 2641 houses was already posted since 1st March download Mhada Lottery Application Advertisement PDF file in case you missed it. However Mhada lottery online forms will be accepted from new dates which begins from 28th April i:e from this Monday  to 28th May which is the last date of form submission. The list of accepted application will be published on 9th June  and the result of final winners of Mhada lottery will be on 16th June check Mhada lottery result date of 2014 has been postponed to 25th June from 16th June which wad declared draw date initially.

Mhada Lottery List of Eligible Applicants is already published check the link to know your name in application list.

Mhada Lottery Results 2014 – Can be checked Here

New Important Dates of Mhada Housing Lottery this year:

Registration for Online Application28/04/142.00PM
Online Application for lottery starts06/05/142.00PM
Registration for online application ends09/05/146.00PM
Online Application for lottery ends11/5/146.00PM
Submission of form/recipt with DD (Only payment by DD) ends19/06/143.30PM
Draw of lottery at Rangasharda hall, bandra W25/06/1410.00AM
Publication of final winner & waitlist of Mhada lottery 201425/06/146.00PM


Eligibility Criteria for Mhada Mumbai Housing Lottery:

To apply for MHADA housing scheme of low cost lottery draw in Mumbai , the applicant must be 18 yrs of age or above. The applicant or her/his spouse should not possess any property in the areas that come under the jurisdiction of MHADA. They should not even be member of any cooperative society. The applicants must be able to prove to be residents of Maharashtra for at least 15 years at a stretch in the last 20 years, barring those who shall apply under reserved category. Multiple applications of an applicant under a single category would be rejected. The applicants for Mhada Lottery must gauge their position as categorized on the basis of income and apply only in the category that is applicable to them. The categories are as below —

1) Economically Weaker section (EWS) – Monthly Income up to Rs. 16,000/-

2)  Lower Income Group (LIG) – Monthly Income Rs. 16,001 to Rs.40,000/-
3)  Middle Income Group (MIG) – Monthly Income Rs. 40,001/- to Rs, 70,000/-
4)  Higher Income Group (HIG) – Monthly Income Rs. 70,001/- and above.

The Application form for Mhada Online Lottery will be available on & website from 28th April to 30th May – Please check the pdf file link below for Official Advertisements, Demand draft or pay order of nationalised bank/scheduled bank/ private bank payable at Mumbai should be in favour of for Mumbai Board “Axis Bank A/c MHADB – 2014” & for Konkan Board “Axis Bank A/c KHADB – 2014

Mumbai Board Mahada Lottery Houses for Sale

Sr. NoScheme CodePlace of HouseIncome GroupNo of Mhada FlatsBuilt Up Area Approx Cost of FlatsEMD to be Paid
2303Vinoba Bhave Nagar, KurlaLIG20736.783203830025200
3304Pratiksha Nagar, Sion ( Phase 4)MIG5658.032318360050200
4305Magathane, BorivaliEWS6237.24146450015200
5306Shailendra Nagar, DahisarHIG86125.00809850075200
6307Kolhekalyan, SantacruzHIG51106.00792390075200
7308Tungwa, PowaiMIG952.079488650050200
8309Tungwa, PowaiHIG10871.267 752270075200

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Konkan Board Mhada Lottery Houses for Sale

Sr. NoScheme CodePlace of HouseIncome GroupNo of Mhada FlatsBuilt Up Area Approx Cost of FlatsEMD to be Paid
1256Virar – BolingLIG111661.50261990915200
2257Virar – BolingMIG600100.70502161425200
3258Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgLIG-11651.99123564215200
4259Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgLIG-22449.89118573215200
5260Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgMIG-11271.96 206270025200
6261Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgMIG-24766.76191364425200
Lottery Application Form to be submitted in 3 steps: 1) User registration Fill Basic Information –  Create User 2) Application Form Select Lottery & Scheme, Print Acknowledgment After submitting details you need to upload your photo online, The approval of photo will take 24hrs after that you can proceed to payment for the lottery 3) Make Payment – Make Online Payment & Submit Demand Draft (DD) in bank

online mahada 2014

This is How it looks after submitting the forms online – pending for photo verification

Here is a step by step guide to fill lottery form – mhada help english  The result for Mhada lottery Mumbai & Konkan board will be declared on 16th June .  You can check result of mhada lottery result 2014 The Mumbai lottery will includes the are of Virar (boling) and Vasai. To Know  Eligibility Criteria click –>  Mhada Lottery online Application form here – Mhada Housing Draw Helpline : 9869988000 (9:30 am to 8.30 pm) Important Precautions for MHADA Lottery:

  • Please take note of the following instructions
  • Ascertain your correct income category based on guidelines mention at 1.2.2 in the information booklet
  • Write your PAN card no. correctly
  • Your personal saving bank account no. for refund should be unique and can not be used by others
  • Joint bank account / Current account / NRI account should not be used
  • Mobile no. / email id should be written collectly as all communication will be done on mobile / email
  • Person below 18 years of age can not apply for MHADA lottery forms
  • Applicant should not have any house / residential plot, in his / her name or in the name of his / her spouse and minor children within the juridisection of the concerned local authority
  • Wrong information given in the application form would lead to rejection of application
  • All the “Terms and Conditions” mentioned in the information booklet for MHADA lottery applies. Please read them carefully

Mhada lottery housing scheme Mumbai has seen overwhelming response for this years lottery scheme. The Mhada forms are already available online, those who have not submitted the lottery forms yet please hurry as the last date for the online application is 28th May. Result will be declared on 16th May

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