Mhada Lottery Forms 2014 for Virar-Vasai 5,451 Flats in 2014

Mhada Lottery in Virar-Vasai in 2014


Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) is all set to launch a special lottery to sell 5,451 houses in tall building of 22-24 storeys at Virar and 150 flats in the coastal town of Vengurla in Sindhudurg district.

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– The lottery will be held by MHADA‘s Konkan board for the sale of 3,596 houses in the lower-income group and 1,855 houses in the middle-income group at Bolinj in Virar West.

The houses are being built in two phases, in 22 to 24-storeyed highrises. The first phase will see the construction of 21 buildings while 30 buildings will come up in the second phase.

The lottery is, however, subject to the municipal corporation for Vasai-Virar introducing a change in its development control regulations to do away with a height restriction that caps buildings at 14 storeys.
Mhada lotter vasai-virar december 2013
“The project is in the final stages of approval. A formal notification could be issued within a month or two after which we will be able to announce the date of lottery,” said Bhausaheb Dangade, chief officer of MHADA’s Konkan board.

“The price of these houses has not been decided as yet. The cost of construction at present is Rs 2,600 per square feet,” Dangade said.

Low Income Group(LIG) houses will have a carpet area of 330 square feet each and built-up area of 625 square feet. Medium Income group(MIG) houses will have a carpet area be 640 square feet each and built-up area of 1,050 square feet. Mhada lottery Application form for Virar-Vasai region in the year 2014 is not out yet.

Info Courtesy: Indian Express

Latest Update: Mhada Lottery 2014

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) lottery draw for over 5,000 affordable homes in Virar in December is likely to get postponed due to permission related issues. The lottery draw is likely to take place post elections next year.

The authorities plan to construct 5,451 affordable apartments for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) in Virar’s Bolinj area. These houses will be sold in two phases, the first phase will consist of 2,454 houses and the second phase will have the remaining 2,997 units. A MHADA official said, “There are restrictions over the height of construction. The plot has permissible limit of ground plus 7 and 14 storeys, but we want to construct ground plus 22 or 24 storeys.”

To construct taller buildings there needs to be change in the Development Control Rules which the state government needs to approve. A proposal has been sent to the state and we are awaiting a nod.

Source: DNA

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